About us


We sell standard and premium steel panel radiators, low surface temperature radiators, towel warmers, decorative steel tubular radiators and other steel “column” radiators to over 500 customers across approximately 40 countries.

  • Standard steel panel radiators

  • Premium steel panel radiators

  • Low surface temperature radiators

  • Towel warmers

  • Decorative steel tubular radiators


The Group operates four strong and established brands under a multi-brand strategy that enables its products to be tailored to specific channels, maximising market access and minimising potential conflicts.

  • Stelrad

    – #1 brand in Europe and the UK

    Stelrad’s premier radiator brand and the market leader in the UK and Ireland

  • Henrad

    – Sold in Europe and the UK

    Stelrad’s original brand in Belgium is also market leader in the Netherlands and is a channel differentiated brand in other regions

  • Termo Teknik

    – Sold in Europe and Turkey

    Stelrad’s primary brand in Turkey and other Eastern European markets; we believe the Group is highly regarded as a credible, high quality / low cost brand

  • Hudevad

    – Sold mainly in Denmark and the UK

    Premium designer radiator brand acquired in 2018


We are headquartered in the United Kingdom, and have been a leading supplier across Europe for over twenty years, with manufacturing and distribution facilities in the United Kingdom, The Netherlands and Turkey, additional distribution facilities in Poland and Denmark and sales personnel in seven other countries, including China.